Atlantic1 Water Damage, Leaks & Flood Clean Up

Flood and Water Damage:

Did you know that a majority of carpet can be saved after a flooding incident? There are certain types of water damage situations that require complete carpet replacement, but the most common can be repaired instead. 

The Atlantic1 team is on call 24/7 for water damage emergencies. We put high priority on flooding and water damage incidents for both commercial and residential buildings in order to prevent mold, mildew and structural damage. We are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, Restoration Certification (I.I.C.R.C.) and closely follow all guidelines set to ensure each flooding and water damage situation is dealt with in the most appropriate manner.

Our Process

In a flooding or water damage event, the Atlantic1 team works to first identify and stop the source of water. Once the water is no longer getting in, we can begin repairing the damage by:

  • Cleaning and extracting the carpet, and if necessary the padding and tackstrip, for recovery
  • Treating all contaminated areas with an antimicrobial compound to prevent and stop the grow
  • Reinstallation of carpet, plus new padding if needed, and final cleaning of affected space


How does mold develop?
Mold requires nutrients, water, oxygen and favorable temperatures in order to grow. Organic materials such as wood, paper or fabrics are a good source of nutrients for mold, making drywall, carpet and wallpaper highly susceptible to mold infestation. Some synthetic products such as paints and adhesives can also serve as food for mold. Once mold spores are brought into a building, the right combination of moisture, darkness and temperature will enable it to grow and spread.

Are there harmful and non-harmful molds?
There are many types of mold. About 100 types are known to cause infection in healthy people, while other molds cause infections only in persons with compromised immune systems. Most people tolerate exposure to moderate levels of many different molds without any apparent adverse health effects, while others may have severe allergic reactions to even the slightest amounts. 

Some molds produce powerful chemicals called "mycotoxins" that can cause illness in both animals and people. Scientific knowledge about the health effects of these toxins is quite limited.

What should I do after a flood, sewage or water leak?
The first thing you should do is contact a water damage remediation company. You do not want to delay, since mold begins to form after twelve hours. The longer water sits, the more opportunity it has to wreak havoc on wood, walls and carpet. You will also want to contact your insurance company to begin the claim process, avoid the affected area whenever possible. If there is standing water in an area with electrical appliances, do not enter the room under any circumstances.

What does the water damage restoration process involve?
Atlantic1 experts will first inspect the area and attempt to stop the water source from creating additional damage. We will then use our water extraction machinery to remove any standing or access water from the site. Once the water is gone, we start the drying process with dehumidifiers and heavy fans. When the area is dry to our satisfaction, we test the air to make sure the problem is resolved and the moisture and any mold spores have been removed.


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